Monday, August 29, 2011


My dear doctor is retiring.  After 42 years of service, he is hanging up the ole stethescope.  BUT, he is not going to be idle.  He has decided to "work smart" and devote his time to helping others with the vast knowledge and wisdom gleaned from his years of practice by promoting wellness on-line.  I sat in his office this morning really taking in the surroundings and listening intently to his gentle voice as he discussed his new direction in life. I must admit I felt more than a tinge of sadness that this would be our last office visit. As he spoke, the word "flexible" came up more than once.  We talked about the futility of clinging to anything in this life and of the importance of having faith in something bigger than ourselves.  Being thankful always, and optimistic and hopeful about what may come.
I cannot speak of my doctor without mentioning the fabulous woman who is his assistant/right hand.  Denise, is someone I have come to love and admire for her strength and cheerfulness.  She provides a warmth and homey - ness to the office with the wonderful little plants and pictures and bric-a-brac carefully placed for the patient's enjoyment.  I will miss her too.
The Doc has been a wonderful caregiver and I know our paths will cross again.  I am thankful to have known such a caring and gentle man.
All the best, dear BERNARD.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hello Friends!  I have missed writing on my little blog here.  I have had the most wonderful summer so far. 

This year I have been spending time in our beautiful Trout Lake.  Soaking, swimming, floating dreamily....yes, life is beautiful at the lake.

I re-connected with an old friend who has the summer off and she loves the lake like I do.  We spent many happy hours chatting and laughing and remembering good times.  In fact, we refer to the beach as the "office" where we like to say we are busy solving world problems.  And we have had some great meetings at the office I must say.

There is a family of loons that make this area of the lake their home.  Every time I spot them, my heart swells with love for them.  So beautiful and silently graceful as they float past us and then suddenly they dive and swim underwater for great distances.  The mother and her 5 little ones displaying such love and devotion for each other. 

Things have been busy in my garage as well.  I have been buying and selling like never before.  I am decorating a summer home for my friend with treasures found at the yard sales.  Tables and chairs and fabrics for curtains....such fun seeing the delighted look on her face when I show her the latest find.  Her home will be beautiful when we are doubt about it.  A summer place where she and her family will gather surrounded by beauty.

I shall always remember the summer of 2011 as one of relaxation and happiness.  Appreciating the beauty of nature like never before.  And hey, summer isn't over yet! 

My creative juices are flowing too.... I have many fabulous projects coming to share with you.
Stay tuned folks!