Thursday, November 1, 2012


HELLO!!!!  Sorry it's been such a long while since I've posted.  I have been busy pinning on my virtual pinboard over at Pinterest.  LOVE IT and I am totally hooked!
If you aren't familiar with it, Pinterest is a site where you can view pictures of everything and I mean everything from all over the planet.  "Pinners" can post their pictures of interest on their pinboards and can actually categorize them.  You can get a very good idea of what a person likes and their personality traits.  It is endless fun.
There have been changes here at the bungalow.... firstly, Betsy, my old Mazda truck finally died and has been replaced by "Kevy" the Chevy.  A snazzy little truck with lots of PIZAZZ...  Also, a new bathroom that is all tiles and glass and Martha Stewart accessories... and soon I hope there will be a new puppy coming...but more on that later.
So, dear readers, if you would like to view my pinboard...hop on over to pinterest and check out Cheryl Martin (bungalowonbank)!

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