Sunday, January 23, 2011


Pah!  Wow, it's cold.  -40 with the wind chill.  Makes me think of my warm bed.  Sadly, there is usually a large black lab taking up much of the space on my bed.  Which means that the bedding is very frequently in the wash. Thus, I need tough fabric which will stand up to MANY washings.  But, it must be pretty too.  And white of course.  Oh and did I say cheap?
Well, after much research and combing the thrifts, I think I came up with a pleasing and practical combination of a duvet, quilt and bedspread which I really like.  I probably paid less than 20 dollars for everything that is on my bed right now.  Of course, when I purchase anything used for my bed it goes right into a hot water wash with bleach and then into the dryer or preferably a day in the sun.  I store stuff in large plastic bins (due to lack of storage in the bungalow) which contain my most favorite french soap.  I like to iron my pillow cases if time and energy permit.  It just feels nice to lay your head on a pressed cotton pillowcase.  (of course, the lab doesn't care if it is pressed or not)

Speaking of  the bed, my sweet hubby and I put a headboard together in an afternoon.  It consists of a piece of plywood, some decorative moulding and trim from the hardware store.  A lick of paint (simply white by BM) and it is hung somewhat like a picture.  I got the idea from visiting the wonderful little shop where I purchased the fireplace mantle.  There was a mirror which had the type of elegant rustic look I love and I thought why not make a headboard in the same style.  And it was soooo easy to do!  Oh, and did I say cheap?  Yup, I like the way it looks.
So, on this bitterly cold day, stay warm and toasty my friends.  When you get in your beds be thankful for them and for the all the good things in your life.  And please remember....
Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is a gift
That is why it is called the present.