Thursday, January 27, 2011


The bungalow lacks storage BIG TIME.  I am always trying to come up with clever solutions to store my stuff.  I have seen quite a few kitchen cupboards in my life and the spices often seem to be a bit disorganized and hard to access.  Spice racks are often mounted on the wall near a stove, which is not a great place for them due to exposure to light and heat.
I came up with a solution for spice storage which not only works well for me but takes up very little of my precious pantry space.

Dollar store metal storage tins with magnetic bottoms.  I bought some labels for them and stuck them on the front of the fridge.

I tend to purchase spices in the plastic packages because they are cheaper that way.  Then I can just fill up the little metal tins as needed.  I also like to buy my spices at the bin store where I can buy as much or as little as required.

Sometimes, one has to think outside the box.  In life and in storage.

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