Monday, January 24, 2011



The basement in the bungalow is sort of boring.  In light of the cold weather, I thought I would try to create a little bit of "Miami" down there.  I went on the hunt for some cool fabric in what I figure are "Miami" colors.  How about torquoise and green?  Oh yeah.  Nice.  On a base of white of course. White slipcovers, white furniture and maybe soon to be white walls.  I found some fabric for 2 bucks a metre.  Great, because I did not want to spend alot on a room I don't spend much time in.  I sewed a couple of envelope back pillows which are quite large and two relaxed roman shades for the tiny basement windows.  Next was some art I discovered on  If you are not familiar with etsy, you really should check it out. Mostly everything is original or hand made and believe me, there is some cool stuff there.  I purchased a total of 4 pieces and sadly, by the time I got them framed, it did end up costing me a few dollars more than I wanted to spend.  But I do love it.  For now.  I change my decor fairly frequently and luckily there are usually people who will purchase what I no longer want.  In fact, the feather lamp which I made with a wicker shade, feather boa and Pottery Barn base is sold, but I replaced it with another lamp which is not quite finished yet. And how about a chalkboard with tourquoise paint in a white antique frame?  I love these so I can display my thoughts and sayings.   Stay tuned as the room comes together.  Hey, I might just spend more time down there!
And now my little thought for the day...
"A merry heart does good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth the bones."  Proverbs 15:13
p.s. Temperature in Miami  is 23 degrees c
       Temperature in Northern Ontario Canada  is MINUS 23 !!!!!!!!

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