Friday, January 21, 2011


Deep breath.  Here goes.... My first post on a new blog!  I have been thinking of writing a blog for a very long time now.   Many people who know me have encouraged me to do this.  So, here it is.
I live in a bungalow on Bank Street.  Thus, the title.  It is a war-time house and my parents owned it before me.  There is a wonderful creek just beside it.  As a child, I spent many hours catching minnows and wading through it's rushing water in my bare feet.   It was a veritable wonderland for a little kid and a healthy habitat for many birds, frogs, insects etc.  Our property is bordered by some large poplar trees which I have seen grow from 10 feet to well over 35 feet!
In my little bungalow, I love to create.  I NEED to create.  I scour the garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores for interesting things which I then bring home and either keep or resell.  You see, I cannot seem to work at a "real job" so I must work for myself through necessity.  Through the years, I have battled a major depressive illness.  With that often comes anxiety and panic disorder and yes, I have that too.  Okay, so that is out of the way and I would like you to know that even though I have had alot of challenges in my life, I choose happy.  This simply means that when I wake, I make up my mind that just for today, I choose to be happy.  I would like to share with you a little poem that I read each day to reinforce this positive outlook I try to maintain.
Just for today
Just for today, decide to be happy
To live with what is yours
If you can't have what you want,
Perhaps you can want what you have
Just for today, decide to be kind
Be cheerful, be agreeable, be understanding
Be your best, dress your best
Talk softly, look for the brighter side of things
Praise people instead of criticizing them
Just for today, try it
Who knows, you might like it
And do it again tomorrow
Just for today

I am unsure as to who the author of this lovely poem is, but I will continue to try and find out.  If anyone knows please let me know.  I hope you might find this as helpful as I do.
I entitled this post "A New Beginning", because not only is the blog brand new, but it is a new year and I feel as though I am on a new trajectory.
I intend to share funny stories, great decorating ideas, inspirational writings and hopefully some interesting photos.  And so, with an open heart I extend a "welcome friend" to you who may be reading this.  Thanks for visiting and I hope I can help, entertain and enlighten you in some small way.


  1. Bravo , Cheryl. Im proud that you started this and will be excited to read more. Will you be sending these out by email ..or must I create a google account ...I use facebook .Sorry but im very green when it comes to this type of venue

  2. Hi dearest Beth! Thanks for the encouragement. I am very green too! I think that for now, you could just go to and then enter my blog title. Yikes, I had better get educated about this. lol...

  3. A grand start to a new year Cheryl! Bravo and well written :) Welcome to Blogger

  4. thank you Ruth. I appreciate your support!

  5. Kudos to you Cheryl. I suffer depression and a lot of anxiety as well as the fibromyalgia that always tags along with the afore mentioned conditions. I am proud to be your friend and even though life has seen us each go our separate ways in life...our friendship has never left. Here's to you girl, two thumbs up!
    Love ya,

  6. Mwahhhh Holly. I love you too dear friend. I know you have had struggles like myself and yet you soldier on. Thanks so much for your support.