Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hello Friends... well, today is the first post of my "garage sale safari".  It is a beautiful sunny day here in the north and I came upon the mother of all fabric sales this morning!  Oooooooohhhhh yeah!  All I came away with was this .... cotton voile.... ( for a tank top maybe?)

Yes folks, I am trying to practice self-control.  NO MORE FABRIC unless I will use it in the immediate future.  (man oh man I am hard on myself!!!!)  There is no sense in trying to fool myself...I have a fabric problem as I have shared before in previous posts.

The market umbrella is a candidate for some fabric painting perhaps and the pig will house some lovely ivy.  I don't really know what grabbed me about the little pig, just that she is so flowery and pretty.

Lastly, check out the flashy mirror!  Just look at it's glossy swirly loveliness.....  momma likey.....

There you have it ... next week I will try to remember to bring my camera for some action shots of the actual sales.... although some people are funny about someone taking pictures of their sale....

Happy Day Friends!

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