Monday, April 11, 2011


Happy Day everyone!  I hope your weekend was a beautiful one.  Ours was quite lovely here... spring sunshine, raking our now-visible lawn, then a cleansing rain and cooking some delicious food.  Life is good here at the bungalow.  And we are thankful as always.

In our dining room is a little shelf which I designed and had my "wood guy" Pete build.  Pete is a wonderful man who retired a long while ago.  He is quite handy with the power tools and can build anything I can draw.  Anyways, this shelf is something which I never tire of looking at.  Especially when it has silver and shells on it....

I just love the combination of silver and shells!  You can see photos of my loved ones peeking around the perimeters of the picture.  Of course my family photos are more precious than anything else, but I felt that for the purposes of today's post, you would probably be more interested in the silver and shells!  I enjoy looking at this little vignette and thought you might too.

Have a beautiful day everyone!

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