Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Happy Day all!  I found a wonderful container for flowers at the thrift store some time ago.  I didn't use it for the longest time.  It just sat in a cupboard til one day I looked at it and thought "hey, I should throw some paint on that!" 

It has a silver plate on it and I love it's little "legs".  My current obsession seems to be for sea shells, so I thought it would make a nice container for part of my collection of shells.  I find I really like the aqua interior as well. 

You can paint anything these days.  Even if it is metal, plastic, whatever.  Now I look at things in a whole new way.  I LOVE PAINT!  I should probably add that I love a transformation of things (and people for that matter!). 

I also found a candy dish with a lid that was such a good deal at a garage sale last summer, that I bought it without a clue as to what to do with it.  (no candy in a dish for me sadly)  Again I thought... seashells!  It looks great in my jam cupboard that is in our bedroom.  I love how it looks.

Hopefully, there will be some garage sales this weekend and I can write the first "Garage Sale Safari" post for this blog.  Here's hoping the weather co-operates!

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  1. Painting is so much fun and these turned out great! I'm a new follower from BC's Good Life Wednesday. Hope you're having a great week.

  2. Your white sea shell bowl looks like a sea urchin painted white (and blue on the inside?). I have yet to do that to a bowl, but I can't believe how much it transforms them.

  3. Thanks so much for your comments! Sally, thank you for following this blog and welcome! Yes Grace, paint really does wonders... the inside of the container I painted is acqua. I just love how it looks with the white on the outside.

  4. Hey Maya! Thanks so much... I really loved your post today too.

  5. Just shared your "super bowl" on my facebook page..., having fun playing with words..., you might get a kick out of checking out this post:
    Super Bowls

  6. Oh.. that white bowl is the cutest.. Very pretty! Hope you'll come visit me at Colours Dekor..
    Have a fab weekend!!

  7. Thanks Patricia! I will check out your blog!