Friday, April 15, 2011


Just the word slipcover is enough to send shivers down my spine!  In a word, making them can be....daunting.

However, not according to that slipcover genius, Miss Mustard Seed!   Thanks to her fantastic series of instructional videos, I think I can actually tackle this thing!  And by thing, I mean my velvet sofa.  It is burgundy and looks quite dated.  So, it is off to the store to buy my drop cloths for the slipcover.   If only Ikea were closer, I would just bite the bullet and buy an Ektorp sofa and be done with it.  But alas, my sofa is in good shape and I cannot justify getting rid of it because of the color.  I figure I can cover this thing for under 100.00.

Of course, if I can get this done and if it looks okay, I will tackle the chair which sort of matches the sofa.  It is from Pottery Barn and I bought it last year at a garage sale for 75.00.  It has great "bones" as they say and would be worth the time and energy to slipcover it as well.

Wish me luck friends!  If I am missing in action on this blog, it means I am up to my armpits in fabric!!!!!!

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  1. I wish Ikea was closer to me too , there are some slipcovered chair I want from there , but it would cost just as much to ship them as the chairs cost . Good luck with your sofa ! so far all I have tackled is an ottoman .