Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hello Friends!  I have mentioned previously that I do a little selling here and there at the bungalow.  This week I have two really nice pieces that are "diamonds in the rough".
Here is diamond number one...

I wish that I had room for this piece!   Sadly, I do not, but I think it will have a new home in the near future.  I would love to see this painted (white of course).  I watched the TV show Steven and Chris yesterday and they did a feature on Chris Kaufman's home.  She is the author of the Just Beachy blog.  There is a pair of nearly identical dressers on either side of her bed which she painted aqua and white.  Fabulous!  Check it out's worth the looky loo...

I love this little night stand.  What great lines.  I can see it a very pale blue for some reason!  And I think I would add a wonderful floral "curtain" across the opening.  The handle is perfect too.  I really do love nearly everything I sell.

I meet the nicest people who come to my home and buy my things.  I just love helping them to see a piece in a finished state too.  Sometimes a person will look at something and not know what to do with it.  They know they like it, but feel that it may need something.  I guess I have a "knack" when it comes to seeing something "done".  I just seem to know when a piece needs changing up.  It is great fun to do this.  Transforming furniture is a wonderful way to make something your own and fit into your decor.                                                            

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