Friday, February 25, 2011


PAH!!!  This dad-blasted cupboard is really starting to get on my last nerve! 

Remember, I DID warn you that it could take a while.  I just gave up and loaded it with my craftstuff.  I am not remembering those beautiful Haflinger horses right now (see "My First Love" post)..... *#@**#!  All I can remember right now is that I have this half-done thing which I CANNOT LIVE WITH IN THIS STATE!!!  "What is the problem", you may be asking?

If you look at the window beside the cupboard, you will notice a very bright light coming in...THE SUN!  I want to go outside and enjoy it.... Molly wants to play ball and I am getting CABIN FEVER!!!  Out we time for painting right now!

I mean, how can I resist this face?  Or her plaintive telepathic whining..."Mommy please can we play ball..please, please .... forget that stupid won't lick your hand or give you kisses."


  1. Oh, Molly! What a lovely, sweet face. We have our own black bundle of love and energy. I love that you gave over to her and the outdoors rather than the project - something I have to constantly remind myself to do!

  2. cheryl@bungalowonbankFebruary 28, 2011 at 6:34 AM

    thanks Maggie! Yes, I often forgo what I am doing in favor of a little ball game with our girl. She really doesn't ask much of us... some food, water, cookies, walks in the bush, a bellyrub, our leftovers, rawhide chewies every night, er...what was I talking about? lol.. oh yes, she asks so very little!