Thursday, February 3, 2011


Now that I have told you a bit about my darling Nanny, I will be happy to share with you a little background about my delightful Nanna.
My Nanna was a tiny little gal.  Short legs, short arms with the face of an angel.  And I cannot mention Nanna without also mentioning her husband Jim...that is.... "Daddy Jim".  That is what we grandchildren called him.  Theirs was a love story.  And I will save that for a future post.
Now Nanna was an extrodinary home keeper.  She could cook like Julia Child, she could clean like the dickens and she had a heart of gold.  There were often people sitting in her bright kitchen for a delicious meal because "they were down on their luck dear". 
I remember very little about Nanna really.  I was quite young when she passed away.  But, I do remember her love for all things Elvis.  She would be ironing Daddy Jim's shirts while Elvis crooned.  It was unusual for a lady of her age and in those times, to love Elvis so openly.  We all thought Nanna was waaaayyyy cool for her taste in music. 
I think Nanna really demonstrated her love for her family by taking such good care of everyone and the home they lived in.  The skill she put forth in her cooking and  keeping things clean and organized spoke volumes about this.  It seemed everything she put her hand to was done meticulously and with great care.  And above all, she delighted in her grandchildren, taking each of us in her short little arms for warm hugs. 
She was a sweetheart was Nanna.  And everyone loved her.  I am sure she is with Daddy Jim now and my father and all of those who have gone on before us.  And who knows, maybe she is still listening to Elvis and swooning.  Or perhaps she is dancing in the arms of the man she loved all her life... Daddy Jim.
Until we meet again sweet Nanna.

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