Saturday, February 5, 2011


I am thinking about the lake today.  Beautiful Trout Lake.  Spring-fed, cold, clean.  I have always loved the lake.  Even in winter.

I have many great memories of being in the lake, on the lake, beside the lake.  In fact, I have even been swimming in the lake with my horse!  He and I used to go down to the lake across the street from the stable where he was boarded, and in we'd go.  Ahhhhh yes.  Lovely.
There is a really cool gift store/ice cream shop/ boat rental/bait store/etc...etc... on the lake.  I love to go there and enjoy an ice cream and just stare out at the sparkling water or ice depending on the season.  I was born under the "water sign" in hot July, so I guess it is natural that I would love the lake so.
Hollywood even came calling in the 1940's when "Captain of the Clouds" was shot here.  The lake is prominently featured in the movie and you can see it in it's blue perfection.
Yes, our lake is the jewel of our community here.  We must do all we can to protect it and keep it clean.  After all, it is the giver of life and if it dies, we do too.

"In wonderous nature do I see, the handiwork of God."

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