Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I love mosaics.  Any art/craft which can become something beautiful from the shattered remnants of a broken dish for example, is pretty dern good in my books.
I am fond of blue willow china.  Especially when it becomes a "broken h'art" like this one that I made for our fence.   Don't worry, I used chippy china for this project!

In fact, when I painted the garage I took a piece of the pretty china to the paint store and had some paint mixed up which matched the vivid blue in it.  Navy purple by BM was the color.  Oooooooooohhhhh  Mama likey.

A few years back,  I set about the task of making stepping stones for a garden path which are becoming visible as the snow melts here.

I have done birdhouses, house numbers, planters, birdbaths, picture name it....  It is a wonderfully creative pastime.  Sort of like doing a jigsaw puzzle except it is permanent.  Mosaics puts me in mind of what healing our hurts is like.  Taking something broken and putting it back together to create beauty from the pieces.

I believe this is what God does when we ask.


  1. You are so right about God putting the broken peices of our hearts back together Cheryl. I think we both have discovered that along the path of life.

  2. Yes indeed Holly. I always get a warmth when I am doing mosaics from the knowledge that God can indeed heal our broken hearts.