Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Snow.  Snow.  More snow.  (There is currently a snowstorm as I write this post) Ugh.  Okay, I have almost had it with the white stuff.  Off to the batcave (read sewing room) I go to create something beautiful.

How about this Anthropologie- inspired pillow from a pattern I downloaded from a super great blog called http://www.sewhomegrown.blogspot.com/  This lady, Jessica, is very talented and generous.  She had her hubby draw this pattern and then made it available to everyone on her blog.
This is the pillow in it's first stage... before stitching and construction....

And here it is after stitching.... now it's time to make an actual pillow!

I have some of the Heather Bailey Pop Garden fabric for the deer's head and some pretty aqua and cream gingham for the background.  I had a most enjoyable time of stitching the little head on with that hot pink embroidery floss!  Let it snow and blow all it wants... I am having wonderful, creative time.


  1. The pillow came out great! I might have to try that sometime!

  2. Thanks Jacqueline... it is really easy to do and I find it so relaxing.