Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hey All!  And a good day to you too.  I have a new feature at the bungalow.  It is called "THRIFT STORE SCORE".  I am hoping to make it a weekly thing.

Like many of you, I am a thrift store junky.  Hopelessly, totally addicted.  And the only cure is a marathon viewing of Hoarders.  Even then, I am likely to shake off what I have seen and jump into Betsy and head for the nearest thrift.   I should add that Betsy now drives herself to them without help from me!

Now, you may be somewhat confused if you read my "Downsizing" post, but, I do re-sell some of what I drag home.  I will clean it up, fix it up, sew it up, paint er up and then give it up (for a few shekels!).  After all, a gal has to make a living somehow. (especially if she is prone to "blue spells" and feels like a  round peg in society's square hole at times!)

So, here is a pic of this week's thrift store score....

A beautiful headboard, which is about to become a bookcase.  I will take off the doors, and the bottom spindle things, and paint it a lovely soft white.  It should sell very quickly after I put my hand to it.  That is, unless I fall in love with it, then, something will have to leave the bungalow if the bookcase comes in. (My new anti-hoarding rule:  something comes in, something leaves)

I also bought a white cotton skirt which does not fit, but, it has lovely ruffles which I can remove and attach to the bottom of a t shirt or make curtains, a slipcover detail or whatever.  The cotton is soft and nice.

In other news, I feel a rotten cold coming on.  My chest is congested, my nose is runny and I have a cough that feels like it is coming from the bottom of my boots it's so deep.  Ugh.  I never get colds, but I guess I didn't dodge the bullet this time.

I would like to end this post by saying how deeply grateful I am to have followers.  I appreciate each and every one of you and the support you have shown to me since I started this blog.  I will do my best to do my best with every post.

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