Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello Dear Friends!  Happy Day to you.  Are you like me and have t shirts you really love but have shrunk a little or alot?  Or perhaps you have a bit of the old "middle age spread" in your nether regions?  Well, I have a great little DIY for you....

The t shirt dress.  Not an original idea, for I seem to remember something along these lines from the 90's.

I thought of this idea whilst rifling through my stash of fabrics.  I thought, oooo... I like this fabric but only have a 1/2 metre of it.  Then, it came to me.... why not make a ruffle from it and attach it to my too-short  t shirt.  The new "dress" could be worn with tights or jeans or a nighty (as some of mine are used). 

So, I called a neighbor who is an excellent sew-er.  I paid her to make these up for me because at the time, I was ill and not into sewing.  She did a great job too! (thanks Wendy)  I had her make up some belts for them which button in the back.  (you could use velcro or just tie them in a bow or whatever)

You can make this ruffle as long or short as you want.  Or as "ruffly" as you want.  Wendy used a super strong clear elastic to make the ruffle.

 This way, the ruffle is stretchy as well as the t shirt. (make sense?)  I happen to love multi-purpose things be it clothing or furniture or whatever.  These t-shirt dresses are ideal for many purposes as I mentioned above.  By adding ric rac around the seam or a fancier belt, you can really jooge? them up.

Well ....that is it for today.... I have a shiny black lab waiting for a game of ball and who am I to refuse her?  I am her "multi-functional" person.... her Mommy, her best buddy, her chef, her chauffeur, her wrestling partner....well, I could go on and on, but I won't.  You get the picture I am sure!

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