Thursday, March 24, 2011


Today is a beautiful day!  I had to get out for a bit, so I whistled for Molly and we jumped into Betsy to go thrifting.  YEEEEHAWWWW!

First, I had to make a short drive out to Callander which is a small, picturesque community on the shores of Lake Nipissing.  I purchased a "window mirror" from a fella who was selling it on Kijiji.  It's smaller than it looked in the photo online but hey for 10 bucks you couldn't go wrong.  I will paint it white, sand it back and wax it.  Then perhaps some nice little nickle hooks will go on.  I am thinking of adding some trim to the top too.  We will see....

On the way home I saw the beautiful Haflinger horses(from my post called "My First Love") in their paddock playing and kicking up their heels in the sunshine.  Why oh why did I forget my camera!!!!  DANG!  They looked positively joyful. 

Value Village is on the way home too so I stopped there and purchased a denim duvet cover.  I will fold it in thirds and drape it across the bottom of our bed where Molly always lays.  I like to think of our bed wearing a denim "dress" with a "petticoat" showing underneath.  The denim will look great with the cotton gauze bedskirt I made.

Lastly, I picked up a starfish at a craft shop.  I want to use it with the mirror somehow.  Even though I do not live near an ocean, I like to feel as though I do.  Perhaps I will one day...who knows?   I have visited the Atlantic ocean and even swam in it one summer on vacation... brrrrrrrrrr....c.c...c...cold!  (This was off the coast of Nova Scotia)   The salty air, the hot sand, the pounding waves.. yes, it's easy to imagine I am there right now! 

While this is not a thrift store find, I recieved this lovely art in the mail today.... so springy!  I just need to mat and frame it....

That is it for today's post friends.  Why not take a minute and imagine the place where you feel the best.... 
Happy Day!


  1. Ahhhh I love that "bird chirping weather"!
    Spring is coming I've been hearing a few in the morning!!!

  2. Hello Jane! Yes, I have heard them too! So lovely.

  3. I think I just figured out where you live and it is too funny, as my son and his fiance are considering moving there after they finish university as they have heard such good things about it. I can definitely see you have great thrift stores.