Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It's no secret that I love color.  Wacky, wild craaaaazy color.  I need it.  So, when I spotted these little birds on the web, I went gaga.....
Down to the fabric store I went. (where I have absolutely NO business given the amount of fabric I have stashed)   I chose some pretty fabric for the little birds I want to make.

 Next, out to the yard for some branches (because what bird in it's normal mind would sit on the ground???) and a sap bucket for said branches to sit in.

Yes, Mama likey.  I emailed Miss K and sent her some pics of the little birds.  Of course, she (who shares much the same taste as yours truly) got excited when she saw them.  "Oh Nanny, are you making those?"  Oh yes dear one, I am.  And you will too, when you come north to visit.  What a craft time that will be!  It should resemble a scene from the movie The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock thriller).  Except the birdies are friendly and far more fashionable.  No eyes will be pecked out.  Unless we are interrupted whilst we are sewing!

bbb bird bird bird
bird is the word
everybody knows..
bird bird bird
bird is the word

*from the song by the Trashmen

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