Friday, March 4, 2011


Our bedroom is pretty "beachy".  We love the beach and I wanted to create that feeling we get there with the use of color and natural materials.  While laying in bed staring into space, (one of my favorite pastimes) I thought I really must do something with those boring light switches.  One is a dimmer switch and the other is the old fashioned type.

So, to the shell stash I went and chose two lovely shells to cover the switches.

And voila!  A little detail in the room which makes me happy when I look at them... (it doesn't take much folks!)

Whilst I was at it, I figured Miss Molly could use some shells too.....

Lookit the purdy dawg..... I am going to kiss that face right now!

Might as well decorate the dog too since she is part of the "details" in the bedroom!  

And in other news.... BETSY LIVES!  Yes, you heard right.... she's on the mend (for now) and recovering nicely.  Thanks for your prayers and good wishes for her speedy recovery!  We'll be junking together again before we know it!


  1. This is such a simple, sweet idea! I'm going to share this with my MIL, she lives at the beach and loves all things beach-y. Well done.

  2. Thanks Sara! Hope she likes it!

  3. LOVE that necklace!!!!!!!!!!!11 Too cool. Hope it's comfortable for the dog, though... I don't know too much about these things, but it sure is adorable.

  4. Hello Rose! Thanks so much. Yes, about the necklace... they actually belong to me and Molly had them on only for a few seconds while I took the picture. But she did look sooooo cute!