Saturday, March 5, 2011


I am a "baby boomer".  If you are familiar with the best-selling book "Boom Bust Echo" by David Foote, then you will know that statistically we boomers drive the economy.  Just the sheer number of us determines many things when it comes to trends, how money is spent and on what.

We are seeing many people "downsize".  In other words, they are purging years of accumulation and the large homes in exchange for a smaller abode and less stuff to worry about.  For some, it is about living on less now that retirement is upon them.  Or perhaps it is a health issue.  Whatever the reason, downsizing is happening on a large, large scale.

 We will not live forever.  How do we want to spend our remaining years?  Do we want to be bogged down with clutter or do we want to be freed up to persue our interests be it travel, or sport or whatever?  Perhaps we want to volunteer our time and energy to some worthwhile cause.

I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately.  I feel that I do not want to acquire too many new (to me) things.  I want to want what I have.  I am quite thankful for my meager belongings and little bungalow.  I would like to write more and share thoughts and ideas with others so that I may be of help or inspiration some how.

What do you want to do with your life, dear reader?  Is it all about decorating your home and creating a nice space for your loved ones?  Perhaps it is about sharing your love and knowledge with children and grandchildren. These are valid questions we need to be asking ourselves in my humble opinion.  Time is of the essence.

I have opened my life and my heart for you to glean any wisdom from my experiences that you may.  This little space in the blogosphere has been a real blessing for me and it happened so very quickly.  It is as though everything I have been doing in my life led to this.  And here it is for you.  God speed, my friends.

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