Thursday, March 10, 2011


As I have mentioned in an earlier post (the lake), I love spending time at the lake.  Our city is located on two lakes actually.  One lake is shallow and massive.  It is given to extremely rough waters when the wind is up.  Storms and strong winds are known to happen quickly on Lake Nipissing.  In fact, my grandfather, "Daddy Jim", once spent the night under his small boat on an island when it capsized during a terrible storm.  He survived thankfully, but my poor Nanna was not impressed after a fretful night.   The other lake is super deep and cold and clean. (well, fairly clean)  I have a preference for the latter.  Beautiful Trout Lake.  With that said, I felt I should dedicate a pillow creation to our precious lake.
Here it is before stitching....

In my previous post "Love Pillow", I used an old Ikea lumbar pillow to applique the word love on it.  I had two so I figured I would use the other for the lake pillow.  I cut up some old shorts for the letters and used the pocket as a cell phone or ipod holder etc.  I just like how the pocket looks.  I can't decide on a color for stitching....hmmm....perhaps off white or blue/grey.....

Ah yes.  I will take the little pillow to the lake when I go for a swim in summer.  I will spread out my raggy denim quilt and lay my wet head on the downy softness of the pillow and dream beautiful dreams as the warm sun infuses me with it's healing rays.... Wow... am I ready for summer or what!


  1. Oh it must be so nice to have a lake near you, we have a pond but its gross, and then a river but its not deep, the ocean is close but cold. Your pillow looks cute!

  2. Hi Jacqueline! Yes, it is so nice to have the lake(s) nearby. I have such a deep appreciation for them and their beauty. I wouldn't mind being near the ocean either! Thanks for your nice comment.