Monday, March 7, 2011


Well folks, it's that time of year again.  Spring cleaning.  I love to fling open windows and let the fresh air flow in.  Even though there is still snow on the ground, spring is upon us... you can feel it coming.
And the bungalow is in need of a scrub-down, sweep-up, dust-bust and a good dose of old fashioned elbow grease to rid the place of grime and dirt.

I really prefer to clean as "green" as possible, using natural ingredients wherever I can.  Did you know that if you put some vinegar in a jar and add some orange peels you get the most lovely and effective cleaner?  Yup.  Very simple and "green".  I put mine in a spray bottle and clean away. 

Baking soda and vinegar followed by boiling water will freshen and clean out your drains too. (I use equal parts)

A half of a lemon placed  in a bowl of water will clean and freshen the microwave after just 2 minutes on high.  Wipe out with a soft cloth and wallah!  Speaking of cleaning cloths, I have a special fondness for waffle weave cotton.  When I see those shower curtains made out of it at the thrift stores, I buy them and cut them into 12" x 12" cloths.  I like how they look and they are super absorbent.  Of course, I buy only white ones so I know if they are really clean and I can put a wee bit of bleach in them if necessary. (I am trying to step away from the bleach too.

It is time to use my clothesline and I always seem to forget to wipe it down before the first use in the spring!  Ugh... I soon remember when I find an ugly black line on the first sheet or towel!  The wonderful smell of the fresh air in the laundry cannot be duplicated by any fabric softener.  Again, vinegar in the final rinse of the wash is a great softener.  For some reason, when I am standing at the clothesline hanging out my wash, I always feel so happy.  Pictured below are my wool blankets airing out on the line last fall....

 I guess it is a sense of accomplishment that I am able to provide clean fresh clothing and linen for us and using the power of the lovely sunshine and wind to do it.  And I feel thankful to have the line, the clothing etc when so many people in the world do not have these things. 

We are so fortunate here in Canada to enjoy the resources we have.  Let us remember to do what we can to protect them.  Cleaning green is one small way to do this.  And small ways add up.

Happy cleaning friends!


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  2. I meant cleaning green makes perfect sense. Great job cleaning :)

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